Launch Your New Practice with Startup Technology

New endodontists and first-time practice owners are building at the right time. With ESS, dental specialty practices finally have disruptive technology that can change the outcome for a new business.

New Practice Challenges

4 out 10

practices fall short of their projected revenues.


in minimal investment to start a new practice.


faster growth with a business plan.

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ESS Platform Value

ESS practice DNA building blocks are the standard for an efficient practice that meets the needs of its people.

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An Industry Perspective

An Industry Perspective 2

An Industry Perspective

"Time is a big issue, and creating time for emergency patients. When I can create predictability, that's really important for me and it's important for the staff because when you have predictability, stress goes way down. Having a resource where I can have help with that is really nice. There are definitely many aspects of ESS that I can incorporate into my practice, and make it the way that I want it to be."

Dr. Matt Nealon

An Industry Perspective

“Before ESS by the end of the day, I was frustrated and exhausted. The schedule was chaotic and had no flow. Now with ESS, there is structure and at the end of the day, I’m less stressed and no longer feel as frustrated.”

Trisha Pheiffer
Dental Assistant
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