The Efficient Endodontist

With ESS, the endodontist is a senior dental specialist and practice leader with the right support to focus on the people and lives touched by their business.

A Human-Centered Endodontic Practice

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Enjoy the Life of Your Business

Running a successful endo practice with too many different tools cobbled together or a lack of structure can lead to burnout, as ESS user Dr. Matthew Nealon explains in this video. The ESS platform creates structure and harmony so the dentist and team experience a state of flow in their daily work. It’s software as a positive lifestyle choice.

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Be a True Leader

ESS research and workflow mapping of top practices found that endodontists try to perform too many roles at once while holding the practice together. Aside from being stressful and unsustainable, the practice leader becomes a bottleneck affecting practice growth. The ESS platform helps the whole team refocus, taking the pressure off a single person.

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A Daily Flow that Works

Following the ESS model of high production practice DNA, the endodontist’s focus is on patients, treatments, and leadership. The ESS workflow means the dentist will spend half as much time in operatory, freeing them up to see more patients including emergency cases, as many as 11-13 people per day instead of 3-5. It’s structure for a more productive and profitable practice.

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Get the complete solution for revenue growth and healthy practice life.

A comparison of the many tools and resources endodontists combine for practice management.





Independent Learning

  • Requires significant time commitment
  • Necessitates self-study across multiple disciplines
  • Not readily available to teams
  • Can be challenging to track down best practices independently

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Provides convenient online access
  • Road map of best practices

Business Coach

  • Most business coaches don't have endodontic practice knowledge  
  • Requires initiative and time to implement recommendations
  • Addresses only certain aspects of practice

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Built on process DNA from a practice in the top .1% nationally
  • Modules apply to endodontist and promote continuous improvement
  • Not limited to business strategy - includes HR & more

Independent Consultant

  • Consultant may not have full understanding of practice
  • Requires time and initiative to implement recommendations
  • Implementation can be disruptive to practice, resulting in lost revenue

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Process recommendations online for team implementation
  • 24/7 desktop/mobile access to resources for every area of practice
  • Connects with knowledge community for ongoing innovation


  • Significant time and financial commitment
  • Not tailored to dental industry model
  • Additional degree rarely of interest for patients or team members

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Customized to endodontics industry
  • Comprehensive offering includes process, HR, business modules
  • Innovation focus promotes continuous improvement, feedback, and refinement
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Lead a successful independent practice without an MBA

An endodontist is an expert in treating patients and managing their pain. With process solutions, it’s not necessary to become a small business expert.

  • Be a leader in your business with the right support
  • Provide team resources for a strong start
  • Tap into the full practice revenue potential
  • Stay current through the ESS knowledge community

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“Before ESS by the end of the day, I was frustrated and exhausted. The schedule was chaotic and had no flow. Now with ESS, there is structure and at the end of the day, I’m less stressed and no longer feel as frustrated.”

Tricia Pfeiffer
Dental Assistant
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