Be Present in Your Practice

You’re contributing to your local community as an employer and leader. Rather than being pulled away as a trainer or managing minutiae, focus on your most valuable asset: people.

Human-Centered Endodontic Practice

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Play to Your Strengths

It’s easy for a caring practice owner to become involved in the details. With our structure, you will be freed up to see scheduled patients and emergency walk-ins, finalize paperwork, perform business development strategies, and be a leader for your team. You’ll have time to work on your practice - not just in your practice.

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Be a True Leader

Our solutions are modeled on a real-life practice that streamlines and standardizes workflows, the Endodontist’s day to focus only on treatment and leadership, minimizing issues with staff preparation and removing the need for micromanagement. This allows the Endodontist to see up to 11-13 patients per day instead of 3-5

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Trust Your Team

Employee retention is much higher with clear organization. When your team has the tools to manage your office and patients, they assume greater responsibility and psychological ownership.

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“Before ESS by the end of the day, I was frustrated and exhausted. The schedule was chaotic and had no flow. Now with ESS, there is structure and at the end of the day, I’m less stressed and no longer feel as frustrated.”

Tricia Pfeiffer
Dental Assistant
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Use SuperSystems for your business, and get on with the business of life.

Your business is caring for your patients and ameliorating their pain, leading and mentoring your team. Focus on the heartbeat of your practice - the people.

Create Structure

Prevent wasted time and duplication with clear flows and processes.

Empower People

Trust your team with added responsibility and remove yourself from minutiae.

Embrace Culture

Promote a daily experience of positive teamwork with a structure of trust.

Prioritize Training

Give your team confidence and avoid inefficient training.

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You wouldn’t build your dream house without a foundation

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