The DNA of a Model Practice

The ESS platform was constructed with the building blocks of practice life standardized from successful, high-production practices. This “practice DNA” stems from a growth and people-oriented culture.

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The Model Business

Over 16 years ago, Dr. Christopher Sabourin founded a solo practice in California’s Central Valley. He and his team built it into a practice ranked in the top .1% of its type. With two locations, 15 team members, and consistently high patient experience ratings, Dr. Sabourin realized that his processes could be mapped, reproduced, and utilized by peers nationwide. He began tracing what he calls the “heartbeat” of his practice, beginning a three-year R&D process to turn his model into a platform for transforming endo practices and other small businesses.

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Meet Dr. Christopher Sabourin

Dr. Christopher Sabourin is a transformational business leader, dedicated dental clinician and award-winning endodontic specialist. He is motivated by contributing to a culture of growth, education, and collaboration in the endodontic field. Dr. Sabourin received his DDS from the University of California, San Francisco, one of the top dental schools in the U.S. He was elected President of UCSF’s Associated Dental Students, received accolades including the Pierre Fauchard Award, as well as a commendation from the Governor of California. He also created UCSF’s undergraduate endodontics certificate program. Dr. Sabourin holds a master’s degree in endodontics from the University of Washington and a second master’s in human physiology from Loma Linda University. He is a member of multiple industry organizations, including the American Association of Endodontists.


The processes, workflows, and training modules developed to form the ESS practice DNA model are based on Dr. Sabourin’s practice in the top .1% of revenue, patient, and employee satisfaction in the United States as well as on additional industry research. To reflect ESS standards, any new features or products will be based on practices fitting the same criteria. The ESS process for vetting model practices involves an extensive questionnaire, interviews, and data verification. We encourage feedback from ESS users as part of our online knowledge network, as we foster community and elevate our peers.

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Stephen Gamboa


Stephen currently serves as the Office Manager in the Endodontic Specialists office of Christopher Sabourin, DDS, MSD since October 2019. With over eight years of marketing and content production experience, he has managed six-figure marketing budgets and led teams through the entire product process, from development to launch. Since 2011, he has been the Marketing Director for Maxpedition, a manufacturer of premium tactical nylon bags. As a result of his leadership, the company dramatically increased sales and online visibility. Stephen received his BA in Fine Arts from the University of California Santa Cruz and his MBA from the Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno.

Rosio Sanchez


Rosio Sanchez is a Registered Dental Assistant in the state of California. She has worked in the dental field for the past 11 years. Rosio has worked in the Endodontics Specialists office of Christopher Sabourin, DDS, MS for seven years and currently serves as the Back Office Assistant Manager. She also serves as the Endodontic Office’s Subject Expert Matter (SME) for Endodontic SuperSystems. When Rosio is not helping coordinate the flow of the dental office, she likes to spend time with her family, listen to K-pop, do DIY crafts with her daughter.

Patient Perspectives

The real-life model optimizes the experience of everyone in the life of your practice.

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Lucy Walker

“Dr. Sabourin’s office is a well-oiled machine. It is very clear all the staff members work well together. It sounds crazy, but having a root canal yesterday, was a good experience, absolutely no pain, and they finished the job all in one day. I highly recommend Dr. Sabourin.”

Rebecca Villa

“After the First contact with the Clovis office I have received nothing be impeccable care. This particular office should be considered on a nationwide level…a true example patient care. The expediency in getting the Urgent Care that I was needing, is so greatly appreciated form a veteran with PTSD. I was comfortable to the utmost and also made me want to express the harmonious culture that permeates daily without fail from that particular office. And I will be more than happy to tell my military comrades or anyone in need of Dentistry services about their care.”

humble1one 3rd gen

"My experience with Dr. Christopher Sabourin and his staff was excellent. Every staff member beginning with my first phone call where courteous, kind and helpful. There first priority seemed to me was to make me feel comfortable at all times. They were very organized and during this COVID-19 I felt they did everything possible to keep me and themselves safe by having a clean sanitary office and by following the Covid guidelines (PPE). As far as my procedure I had done it went well.

I had to drive 53 miles to get to his office and it was well worth it. I would definitely do it again and refer any of my friends or family members to his office."

Lucy Walker
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