The ESS Team

Our dental industry and business professionals are committed to transforming endodontic practices through comprehensive, process-driven software.

Serving the Endo Community

We built Endodontics SuperSystems (ESS) to share the customizable building blocks of high production practices. It’s our way of serving small business - contributing to the potential of practitioners and teams serving our community and growing our economy. The ESS platform is designed to improve quality of life for the circle of human experience around each practice: to give endo teams a positive, secure and professional work experience. To make patients feel better, healthier, and to inspire lasting confidence in their dental professionals. To give hardworking endodontists work-life balance and time for the people in their lives.

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Caring for People

ESS leadership is guided by the belief that practitioners should have access to tools that put people first, and that level up their practices based on the most efficient practice models. We believe that standardized processes and workflows are crucial for businesses to run, grow and scale. Our comprehensive platform gives endodontist customers the time and mental space to do what they do best: to care for people and to lead.

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Devin Brooks

Chief of Staff

Devin joined Endodontic SuperSystems | ESS in March 2021 as Chief of Staff. Devin graduated from California State University Fresno, in 2019, as a double major with degrees in finance and marketing. Through an assignment in a class, he created a product concept, which he won out of every marketing class in circulation. Devin’s drive pushed him to create a prototype and ultimately a Kickstarter campaign. Devin also has a diverse background in marketing, finance, and sales. As a financial administrator, Devin brought in over 22 large business clients generating massive deposit income. Devin also has experience in marketing, creating promotions, research, and analytics that resulted in impactful growth after every campaign while at the marketing firm. In his new role, Devin is motivated to create smooth operations with coordination from Dr. Sabourin, and to drive ESS exponentially to new levels and new heights. When he is not coordinating for ESS, he enjoys trading securities, reading his bible, and exercising.

“Dr. Sabourin has reimagined the impact of teamwork creating a model that, at its fullest implementation, allows for incredible productivity while allowing time needed for specialist level care. His concepts can be implemented across a variety of practices allowing for flexibility and customization to the unique needs of the practitioner.”

A Leading Endodontist
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