Give Your Endo Practice a Good Life

Practices typically rely on a mix of endodontic consulting, practice and learning management systems. The single, complete ESS platform gives a practice - and its people - growth and harmony.


A Complete Plan

ESS is built to transform small businesses in the dental and endodontic sectors. Developed by experts and imbued with the DNA of a top performer in practice revenue, growth, patient and team satisfaction, it’s affordable subscription software with process at its core. ESS provides:
  • Access to an adaptable plan for each of the five stages in a practice’s potential growth cycle
  • Detailed training and workflows for all functions - front office, back office, manager, and endodontist
  • Process technology that empowers the team, increasing certainty, productivity, and well-being for all
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Process For the Win

Process is a time-saver and a practice lifesaver. The ESS platform maps and workflows guide each team member’s role and guard the time of the practice’s MVP - the endodontist. The endodontist’s daily routine is reserved for patients and procedures. ESS means:

  • A well-choreographed day with clear roles and expectations for the whole team
  • An endodontist focused on the high-level aspects of running a small business
  • A radical reduction in the endodontist’s time in operatory, creating openings for more treatments and accommodating patient emergencies
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Train for the Future

For most businesses, training and retention are a challenge. For the specialized roles in an endo practice, poor retention is an expensive problem that can be solved with better training. Our platform improves on traditional learning management systems by leaps and bounds. ESS shares:
  • Training modules with clear, role-specific guidance and charts outlining best practices in almost any scenario
  • Innovative, easy to use online access to courses and testing that promotes independence
  • An expedited training process - accomplishing in 3-8 weeks what could otherwise take 6-12 months - and assessments based on business outcomes
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Platform Features

ESS is a platform for endodontic practices that work. The process maps, workflows, and education modules reduce hiring and training costs in person hours and funds, and cut the endodontist’s operatory time in half.

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