The Endodontic SuperSystems Plug & Play Training

Built on a top practice’s standardization, the blueprint represents systems and best practices developed into user friendly training that continuously improves together through our online community.


A Complete Plan

Our workflows are based on experimentation of each of each function in a practice - front office, back office, manager, and Endodontist - and ongoing practice innovation and community feedback.
  • Feedback loop for improvements and community feedback
  • Efficiency improves with well-defined roles
  • Access to a plan for each of five stages in your practice’s potential growth cycle helps you adapt and expand
  • Tools and templates instruct staff on effective task completion, while you gain access to a knowledge community that forms a circle of improvement
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Process Saves Time For All

Running an efficient practice is a matter of carefully-developed choreography among the team, particularly with regard to the patient experience.

  • Patient flow should be respectful of their time
  • The more touchpoints the team can handle, the more patients you can help
  • An efficient day means everyone goes home on time
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Train for the Future

Onboarding, training, and retention are a pain point for practices, and if not handled effectively can seriously impair productivity.
  • The Endodontist should be office leader, not a trainer
  • Without the right tools, training staff can take years
  • Online access to position training, testing, and certification promotes completion and compliance
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Our SuperSystems Features

Endodontic SuperSystems is a platform for endodontic practices that work. Our tools, workflows, and knowledge community continually innovate every function of office management and learning.

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Use SuperSystems for your business, and get on with the business of life.

Your business is caring for your patients and ameliorating their pain, leading and mentoring your team. Focus on the heartbeat of your practice - the people.

Create Structure

Prevent wasted time and duplication with clear flows and processes.

Empower People

Trust your team with added responsibility and remove yourself from minutiae.

Embrace Culture

Promote a daily experience of positive teamwork with a structure of trust.

Prioritize Training

Give your team confidence and avoid inefficient training.

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You wouldn’t build your dream house without a foundation

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