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The Living Platform to help you standardize training
and empower your team.

A quantum leap from existing forms of training, FlowPatterns software.

Endodontic SuperSystems is curated out of the life of a top .1% Endodontic practice

Best in class software for recruiting, retention, workflows, and knowledge-sharing.

It’s time Endodontists had software tailored to the needs of their team's workflow and growth


Why is this a .1% Practice?






Treatments Per Day


Annual Revenue

A complete solution for the entire life cycle of your practice

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Independent Learning

  • Requires significant time commitment
  • Necessitates self-study across multiple disciplines
  • Not readily available to teams
  • Can be challenging to track down best practices independently

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Provides convenient online access
  • Connects with Endodontic knowledge community for ongoing improvement and knowledge-sharing
  • Road map of best practices

Business Coach

  • Most business coaches don't have endodontic practice knowledge  
  • Requires initiative and time to implement recommendations
  • Addresses only certain aspects of practice

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Built on business practices standardized from a .1% practice
  • Modules apply to endodontist and promote continuous improvement
  • Not limited to business strategy - includes HR & more

Independent Consultant

  • Consultant becomes the hero, not the owner.
  • Consultant may not have full understanding of practice
  • Requires time and initiative to implement recommendations
  • Implementation can be disruptive to practice, resulting in lost revenue

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Process recommendations online for team implementation
  • 24/7 desktop/mobile access to resources for every area of practice
  • Connects with knowledge community for ongoing innovation


  • Significant time and financial commitment
  • Not tailored to dental industry model
  • Additional degree rarely of interest for patients or team members

Endodontic SuperSystems

  • Customized to endodontics industry
  • Comprehensive offering includes process, HR, business modules
  • Innovation focus promotes continuous improvement, feedback, and refinement

Use SuperSystems for your business, and get on with the business of life.

Your business is caring for your patients and ameliorating their pain, leading and mentoring your team. Focus on the heartbeat of your practice - the people.

Empower People

Trust your team with added responsibility and remove yourself from minutiae.

Prioritize Training

Give your team confidence and avoid inefficient training.

Create Structure

Prevent wasted time and duplication with clear flows and processes.

Embrace Culture

Promote a daily experience of positive teamwork with a structure of trust.

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