The Purpose of Content Curation


Aaron Westbury

Senior Consultant

You can think of content curation similar to organizing your closet. If your clothes are thrown about in a disorganized fashion, then it will make it hard to find what you want to wear each day. However, if you gather all of the clothes you like to wear and organize them properly, then you can easily find what you are looking for each day. 

Content curation works in a similar fashion. By collecting and organizing key information that is relevant to your practice, then you can draw upon the information when necessary. This review explains what content curation is and why you should curate information, highlighting the importance and most notable benefits.

What is content curation?

Content curation involves finding, analyzing, learning, sharing and implementing industry information to help your employees and your target audience stay informed. The goal of content curation is to provide value and context to information that would otherwise be hard to understand and interpret with a broader view of how you can apply the information in the real-world.  

The importance of content curation

In the age of technology that we are currently in, it is easier than ever before to access information. Through online resources, you can quickly find essentially anything you desire. However, there is an issue with this system — it is disorganized. It is often hard to locate the information you need and finding a reliable interpretation and application of the information once it is found is even more challenging. Content curation addresses this precise concern by finding the information and providing a viewpoint and context. 

Your success in business likely depends heavily on three major factors. These factors to success include:

  • What you know - By knowing more industry information than your competitors, you naturally gain a competitive advantage.
  • How skilled are you at finding information - You should have a system in place to find information (i.e. content curation) that is relevant to your audience.
  • Your network of contacts - Your contacts play a significant role in growth. Establishing yourself as a leader in the industry helps create useful contacts.

Each of these three key factors are achieved through successful content curation. Content curation allows you to increase your knowledge and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. 

Content curation vs. content development

One key benefit of content curation is that it is far less time consuming than content development. Content development is a long process that can become costly whereas content curation allows you to establish your practice as an expert in the industry and save time in doing so. 

While content development can certainly have value if you are able to create unique content that is more valuable than what is currently out there, content curation is also beneficial, particularly for those who do not have the time, money or resources to dedicate to a proper content development strategy. 

Reasons why you should curate information

There are many different reasons and goals for content curation. In general, content curation allows you, your employees and others that you may identify as your “audience” to learn more and know how to apply their knowledge. Specifically, there are three main reasons to curate information:

  • Less time consuming
  • Shows you as an expert
  • Shows your audience you care

Content curation is a way to establish yourself as an authoritative source. This means your target audience (i.e. prospective patients) will trust you as a reliable source of information and subsequently as a reputable endodontic practice. In addition, utilizing curated information within your practice can save you time on procedures and business processes by staying up to date with the most modern and useful information that you can apply within your own practice. Lastly, taking the time to curate information not only for your benefit but for the benefit of others shows your audience that you care. 

The benefits of effective and accurate content curation

Content curation is a great way to improve your knowledge and capitalize upon the more modern approaches to endodontics. Each practice should evaluate how curating information can benefit them specifically. However, several of the more common benefits include:

  • Help your audience learn
  • Save your practice time
  • Keep information organized
  • Identify useful patterns
  • Promote critical thinking
  • Preserve useful resources
  • Provide a social good
  • Perform tasks effortlessly

The old saying “time is money” rings the truest in business, especially among endodontics that relies upon an organized schedule, workflow, procedure process and bookkeeping. Through content curation, your practice can stay up to date on the most efficient ways of operating your endodontic practice and offering the most efficient and high-quality experience possible for your patients. 

Having this power can help you seperate your practice from your competition. IN a competitive market, the ability to create a competitive advantage is invaluable. Content curation aims to help you become a leader within your industry, ensuring prospective patients trust you when entering your practice. 

How to curate information in an ideal manner

To curate information properly, you should have a strategy for doing so. This ensures you find relevant information and properly organize your thoughts so that it can be learned, shared and applied. There are six steps to follow when you curate information:

  1. Find
  2. Analyze
  3. Absorb
  4. Learn
  5. Share
  6. Apply

Content curation is an art. It is important to know how to locate information that is relevant to your practice, analyze that information and apply it appropriately. Of course, your strategy for content curation should take its own form. However, starting with this six-step process should provide some structure to your approach. 

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